All of our PDC Logic PDC Bits are made in the USA at our Houston, TX manufacturing plant. We have designed custom software to analyze every bits performance to ensure advancement from run to run. We take pride in our ability to turn out custom PDC Bits faster than anyone in the industry.

Our PDC Logic WRX Lab has developed custom tracking software to analyze every PDC Logic bits performance on every run in real time. Upon the completion of every PDC Logic bit run our Field Engineers input all the associated data in to our custom Bit Life software and we gain valuable knowledge on your specific application and run. We are then able to rapidly make improvements and recommendations based on the outputs from our system.







The PWP application is a software used to make bit recommendations for proposed wells. The application utilizes resources such as bit performance information from neighboring wells, performance analysis tools, and Google Earth. Ease of use and value based output format are the highlights of this software package.


The HWD application is one of the most technically advanced bit record programs in the world. The program facilitates near real time synchronization between the field and office databases, instant performance analysis on the current wells and bit runs from the field or office, and output formats that add value to decisions making processes. HWD is the backbone of our provided services.


The BitLife application is a software that captures, stores and produces outputs through searches for dull condition, repair information, and images for every PDC Logic bit run. The application is an invaluable tool recording the life of a PDC bit.


The D6 application captures information from each of the steps in the PDC Logic D6 process and guides the Engineering and Sales team through the decision making process associated with the program. This software facilitates the D6 project inception from any facet of the company. Also, the application promotes knowledge sharing between different departments and geographical regions.


P-Design is an application that captures, stores and outputs design criteria, design parameters, and manufacturing information for each part number. The Software controls workflow and eliminates issues associated with dated information.