PDC Logic is the #1 Completion Bit Distributor in the U.S.

JZ sealed bearing completion bit line, the HA series, has been proven in the field to be an excellent choice for drilling frac plugs. JZ Completion bits have been established as the industry’s preferred sealed bearing milled tooth bit in the completion market. JZ Completion bits are available in sizes ranging from 3 5/8” to 4 3/4” in 1/8” increments.

JZ Completion bits have proven to be able to handle some of the most demanding parameters used in completion applications. JZ Completion bits are utilized every day to drill plugs at RPM’s exceeding 450, with an average WOB of 3,000 lbs. Under these extreme parameters, we have seen a lower failure rate on the bearings and seals than is seen under normal operating parameters.


What advantages do JZ Completion bits offer over a mill?

JZ Completion bits offer 2 distinct advantages over traditional mills for milling frac plugs, reduced torque and finer cuttings. Reduced torque results in fewer motor stalls and longer down hole tool life. Secondly, JZ Completion bits mill plugs into finer cuttings relative to traditional mills. With finer cuttings, the hole is easier to keep clean, and there is a reduced chance of getting stuck.

Will JZ Completion bits hold up to these operating parameters?

While being utilized in a drilling environment, a bit is constantly engaged with formation, cement, etc. Therefore, every revolution the bit makes is realized on the seals and bearing surfaces. If a bit is on bottom for 60 hours @ 100 RPMs, the bit will have realized 360 KREV, which is within manufacturer recommendations. While being utilized on coiled tubing with a PDM to drill frac plugs, a bit is only engaged while actually milling a plug. Thus, the time while pumping sweeps and tagging the next plug, a bit is experiencing negligible wear. If a bit mills 20 plugs at an average of 20 min/plug at 450 RPM’s, the bit will have realized 180 KREV, which is well below manufacturer recommendations. Since getting into the completion market, JZ Bits has a known failure rate of less than 0.07%!