PDC Logic is the #1 Completion Bit Distributor in the U.S.

The FracDrill Series is designed to maximize durability, reduce motor stalls, and keep cuttings small. In concert, the cutting structure is designed to create a stable drilling environment. The added stability helps to protect the PDC cutting elements, thereby extending the life of the drill bit and BHA components for longer laterals with high plug counts.




Q: I’m worried about torque and its relation to motor stalls.  How does FracDrill compare to Junk Mill bits in regards to torque?

A. FracDrill was specifically engineered to reduce torque response by managing the over-engagement of cutters. Field test data has validated FracDrill’s low tq response and demonstrated that its tq is equal to, or less than, that of a junk mill.

Q: When it comes to drilling plugs, I’m concerned with the size of the cuttings.  How does FracDrill compare to Junk Mill bits in relation to the size of the cuttings?

A. FracDrill was designed to manage the depth of cut, and therefore reduces the size of the cuttings.  When compared to junk mills, field test data and customer reports verify similar to smaller cutting sizes.

Q: Junk mills are cheap and disposable.  Why should I consider the FracDrill Completion Bit?

A. Junk mills are cheap and disposable.  However, they continue to have issues in regards to consistency, durability and reliability.  With advancements in fracking technology and increasing stage counts, the technical limits of Junk mills are being exceeded in today’s challenging drillout jobs. FracDrill represents the most cost effective and advanced frac plug drilling solution on the market today with specific case studies to prove it. {Note: See the FracDrill case studies document which show FracDrill consistently and reliably maintaining OD with faster plug times and smaller cutting sizes than that of a junk mill.)

Q: We have trouble transferring weight further out in our laterals, does the FracDrill require more weight on bit than a junk mill to drill efficiently?

A.  We have not received any concerns or complaints about the amount of WOB needed on any FracDrill runs.  One reason is that a PDC bit requires less WOB than roller cones or junk mills.  Roller cones fail material through compressive failure which typically requires higher WOB than failing through shearing failure. Junk mills will typically have far more load bearing/face points of contact as compared to FracDrill, and should therefore require more WOB to effectively engage and fail plug materials.