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For over 14 years we have partnered with Kingdream to bring our customers the most reliable and cost effective Roller-Cone and Production Bits in the industry. Through our exclusive relationship we are able to offer the latest technology in the Roller-Cone industry, saving our customers time and money on every run.

JZ Production Bits are extremely reliable sealed bearing milled tooth bits. These bits are available in 1/8” increments ranging from 3 5/8” to 4 3/4″.

  • JZ Bits are manufactured by Kingdream, PLC at a facility that is one of the three largest in the world. Kingdream has been producing the JZ brand as its premium line of drill bits since 1995.
  • The products have been licensed under API every year since 1989, and the company’s quality system has been ISO9001 certified for 13 years successively.
  • Kingdream is engaged in long term research cooperatives with over 30 universities and research institutes including Utah State University and the Southwest Petroleum Institute.
  • More than 600 types of bits are available in sizes ranging from 3¾” to 26”.