OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE. DELIVERING RESULTS. This is the driving force behind everything we do at PDC Logic. We are focused on getting you to TD faster and lowering your cost per foot on every run. Offering a unique product mix of Custom PDC’s, Reliable Roller-Cones, and a Full Line of Production Bits, we can service your every drill bit need.

PDC Logic specializes in partnering with drilling companies to find solutions to your everyday drilling problems. We offer the latest Cutter Technology combined with Application Specific bit design to save you time and money.





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Offering a variety of application specific bits, we can provide the bit you need for your next project. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our current designs, we’ll build it in our WRX Lab. Check out our latest series of PDC’s or contact your local sales representative for recommendations.

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We carry the most reliable Roller-Cones in the industry. Being the exclusive U.S. distributor of JZ Bits for over 14 years, we offer the latest Roller-Cone technology available, backed by one of the three largest state of the art R&D Roller-Cone developer facilities in the world: KingDream.


The soul focus of our WRX Lab is providing state of the art technology in Application Specific Bits, Cutter Technology and Manufacturing advancements. Click to enter the WRX Lab and see how we can build you a bit to solve your latest problem.